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About Tina Field Howe, Screenwriter & Author 

Tina has been telling stories people love for over 20 years. She began with short stories. As an avid digital illustrator, she created a children's picture book, Snailsworth, a slow little story. Snailsworth has won competitions and the hearts of children the world over.

She became more serious about writing and after taking a fiction writing course, penned her first novel, Alysa of the Fields. She used her B.A. in anthropology and experience in archaeology as a springboard for the story. As soon as she finished book one, she launched into book two, The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun.

Always ready to try her hand at something new, Tina soon applied for and received a grant from NYSCA (New York State Council on the Arts) and the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes to produce a full-cast audio book of book one.

Never having had experience in editing more than one soundtrack, Tina nevertheless stayed positive and was blessed with the most amazing experience of auditioning, casting, and directing 40 actors in her home studio, and editing multiple tracks. She also worked with composer Warren Jeffrey Motter who created the effects-driven rock music. Sound editing became a new-found favorite art form. She later created a full-cast audio book of Snailsworth.

With the audio book behind her, she began to write book three. But suddenly taken with the idea that her books would make great movies, Tina paused in writing the third installment to try her hand at screenwriting. She had previously dabbled in screenwriting but felt a lack of knowledge when it came to the form. That's when ScreenwritingU entered her life. She took a few short classes, got hooked on their value, and enrolled in the ProSeries program, a one-year journey which allowed her to make great strides in this area. She received her Master Screenwriting Certificate from ScreenwritingU in the fall of 2015.

With several scripts and screenwriting contest awards under her belt, and one script currently in development, Tina decided to evolve into TV writing, her current focus. At this time she's developing another show and has several solid concepts for shows and feature films.

More screenplay trailers are available at www.TinaFieldHoweScreenwriter.com.

Please e-mail Tina or phone 001 (607) 329-2458 if you're interested in discussing her projects.

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