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In Development: Axis Prime TV Series by Tina Field Howe

Based on her award-winning Alysa Books sci-fi book series

A one-hour scripted drama for ages 14 and up. 52 pp. Contact Andi Frazin, Literary Manager/Producer for full synopsis, treatment, and script.

Series Logline: 3,000 years after war devastates her planet, a teenage farm girl breaks cultural taboos when she unites two divergent tribes to fight invaders and mutant monsters.  

Axis Prime is a TV show about Alysa who lives in a rigid society on a post-apocalyptic planet. Alysa not only brings two opposing tribes together; when she discovers that the foundations of their societies are based on age-old lies, they are shaken to the core.

The novels and audio book on which the series is based have won several awards:

  • Mom's Choice Awards

  • Reader's Favorite / 5 Star

  • Reader Views

  • The Written Art Awards

More about Tina's screenplays and trailers at www.TinaFieldHoweScreenwriter.com.

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