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Axis Prime TV Series by Tina Field Howe

Based on her award-winning Alysa Books sci-fi book series

A one-hour scripted drama for ages 14 and up. 52 pp.

Series Logline: 3,000 years after war devastates her planet, a teenage farm girl breaks cultural taboos when she unites two divergent tribes to fight invaders and mutant monsters.  

Axis Prime is a TV show about Alysa who lives in a rigid society on a post-apocalyptic planet. Alysa not only brings two opposing tribes together; when she discovers that the foundations of their societies are based on age-old lies, they are shaken to the core.

The TV materials received very positive responses and many requests at NATPE 2016:

  • Pitch sheet    A two-sided overview of the characters, sample episodes, and concept art gives you a glimpse into the show. (Click to open or right-click, Save Link as...)

  • Request Treatment and/or Script    A 23-page detailed overview of the story, characters, locations, first three seasons; and season 1 episodes, bio, book awards, reviews, concept art and images. 

The novels and audio book on which the series is based have won several awards:

  • Mom's Choice Awards

  • Reader's Favorite / 5 Star

  • Reader Views

  • The Written Art Awards

About Tina has a bio and more information about her creative development. More screenplays and trailers at www.TinaFieldHoweScreenwriter.com.

Please contact Tina if you're interested in talking about Axis Prime or other projects. She is also interested in speaking withi you about collaborating on your concepts.

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